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DUI Defense - Drug Charges - Theft - Traffic Offenses

If you are facing criminal charges, the first thing to do is keep calm and seek legal advice. Criminal charges — even for a misdemeanor crime — can have serious and long-lasting consequences. Before you take action on your own, it is a wise move to at least consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your legal options.

Hiring the right attorney to defend you when you've been charged with a crime or issued a summons may be the most important decision you ever make. It is important, to both your future and your bank account to make the best decision your first decision. Make your first call to Carleton Penn III an Attorney who is decisive and experienced with strong local knowledge to guide you to the best possible outcome and start solving your problems today.

A Local Law Firm With Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyers

The criminal defense practice at the Northern Virginia law firm of Hale Ball is led by veteran criminal defense lawyer Carleton Penn III, who brings to bear more than 30 years of criminal law experience on behalf of the firm's clients. Mr. Penn is a life member of the Fairfax City Volunteer Fire Department, a member of the Virginia College of Criminal Attorneys and an invited member of the National College for DUI Defense.

Contact Carleton Penn III, TODAY to understand your rights and options. CALL NOW - 703-962-1164 or use our fast response On Line Form.

Building a successful Criminal defense requires your immediate action.

Confident Defense for Misdemeanor or Felony Charges

Our criminal defense practice handles criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor marijuana possession to felony vehicular manslaughter and homicide.

The types of criminal cases our firm handles most frequently include:

Our clients include residents of Fairfax and the surrounding communities, as well as students of George Mason University.

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Find out the potential penalties associated with a criminal charge, and get information about ways to reduce the negative consequences. Schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at Hale Ball Call 703-962-1164 or Online Form. Located in Fairfax county, we represent clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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